Accounts receivable holds are placed for charges that have become past due. Bills are generated for new account activity at least monthly and are due by the date indicated on the statement. If a balance is not paid by the due date, a registration hold will be placed, preventing students from accessing the drop/add system, viewing their schedule, or requesting transcripts.

The best way for students or authorized payers to determine why a hold was placed is to view the most recent billing statement issued (using the View and Pay eBill link in Hokie SPA for students or for authorized payers). To remove the hold, students or authorized payers can make a payment online in this system or by using another payment method. Typically, the hold will automatically be removed shortly after payment is received.

If you have a past due balance that you are unable to resolve, please contact to discuss repayment options, including payment plans. You may also contact us to appeal for temporary hold removal to send an official transcript to another institution, financial entity, prospective employer, or professional licensing agency. For past due amounts not yet in collections, you may contact us prior to the close of drop/add to appeal for temporary hold removal so that you may register for the subsequent term and/or view your schedule. Please note that if approval is granted and the past due balance remains unpaid, your registration may be subject to cancellation.