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Request for Reduced Comprehensive Fee

Virginia Tech seeks to ensure a holistic, vibrant student experience that meets student needs and expectations and is sensitive to the overall cost of education. Comprehensive fees are a mandatory cost of attendance for students matriculating to the Blacksburg campus that support the operation of self-supporting (auxiliary enterprise) units that provide services for the benefit of all students. For students enrolled less than full-time, the comprehensive fee is pro-rated.

In recognition of students living and studying away from the Blacksburg campus, comprehensive fees may be reduced for students enrolled in an all-virtual schedule (or who have only research hours/ independent study not located on campus). Students must certify they will reside more than 50 miles from the Blacksburg campus for the entire semester. More information and an application form can be found  here.  To be considered, this form must be submitted by the last day to add courses each term. The form is now open for the Summer 2024 semester. If approved, the reduction will be $225.00 for students enrolled in 7 or more credits hours ($112.50 for those enrolled in 1-6 credit hours). Please note that during the summer semester, students that have an all virtual, extended campus, or study abroad schedule are not charged comprehensive fees and do not need to complete this form. Please check your student account summary to make sure you've been assessed comprehensive fees before submitting this form.

Note: Graduate students that are enrolled in only 1 credit hour during the fall and spring terms in order to meet continuous enrollment, must complete the “In Absentia Status Request” form that can be found on the Graduate School website. Summer Session enrollees would need to submit the "Request for Reduced Comprehensive Fee." Please do not file both forms.

For a list and description of fees click here.  This site outlines the mandatory fees, comprehensive fee components, supplemental program fees specific to individual colleges, and more. Mandatory fees cover the estimated cost of delivering a bundled set of services. These bundled services are designed as part of the total cost of attendance, without regard to individual usage of each service, to create the maximum community benefit at the lowest cost.