View Virginia529 Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure maximum financial benefit from your prepaid529 plan when receiving scholarships or grants designated for tuition only, consideration should be given to the level of benefits being accessed. You may want to contact Virginia529 (1-888-567-0540) to review plan options for covering other non-tuition educational costs such as room and board.

The maximum amount prepaid529 will pay is in-state undergraduate tuition, library, technology and comprehensive fees capped at the full-time Blacksburg campus rate (12 hours).

If you are a participant in a Virginia529 plan, there are two ways to have your tuition paid:

  • prepaid529 - (In-state tuition and fees only). Participants must submit an "Intent to Enroll" form.  Please visit A list of participants in the prepaid529 plan is sent to us from Virginia529 prior to the start of classes for fall and spring semesters. A pending credit will be placed on your student account until payment is received. (Students wanting to use Virginia529 benefits for summer or winter term classes should contact Virginia529 toll free at 1-888-567-0540 to discuss payment options). The maximum amount prepaid529 will pay is capped at the full-time undergraduate rate (12 hours).
  • invest529 - If you are an invest529 participant or you roll your investment from the prepaid529 plan to the invest529 plan, payment will be sent to Virginia Tech after you have either submitted your distribution request online or mailed your request form to Virginia529. You must indicate on the Distribution Request Form the amount you are requesting to be paid from Virginia529 to VT. Tuition and fee costs for each semester are listed on our website. You should submit online, or send a distribution request form to Virginia529 each semester to have payment sent to us. Email ( ) or fax (540-231-3238) a copy of your online submission form or confirmation or a paper copy of your distribution request form to our office when you send it to Virginia529.  A  pending credit will be entered on the student account for the amount of the request. If you check the box which says you are requesting "all available funds" we will not know the amount to enter as a pending credit. The School Identification Number requested on the invest529 distribution request form is the student's Virginia Tech ID number. 


Since payment from the invest529 plan may be received near or after the payment deadline, students could receive a late fee or hold if a copy of the request form has not been received by our office prior to the payment deadline. A "Hold" simply means that the student cannot access their account on the Hokie SPA to view their student account or make changes to their class schedule. If you have questions about the Hold on your account, please contact the office of the University Bursar by email, or call 540-231-6277.

Electronic billing notifications will be available to you monthly showing any new account activity and the pending credit until the actual payment is received from Virginia529. If you are a invest529 participant and have already sent us a copy of your distribution request form for the semester, you should pay any additional amount you owe not covered by the pending credit from your invest529 account.

If you have a pending credit for prepaid529 and then decide to roll to the invest529 program, Virginia529 will notify our office and we will remove the prepaid529 pending credit. If you provide our office with a copy of the invest529 distribution request form you send to Virginia529 we can enter a pending credit until the invest529 payment is received. If you have questions as to whether you should remain with prepaid529 or roll to invest529 you should contact Virginia529 directly to discuss your options.

Questions regarding participation in the program should be directed to Virginia529 Customer Service at 1-888-567-0540 or email You may also view the Virginia529 website to obtain additional information.