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Resignations and Reduced Course Loads

A student resigning for medical reasons will be charged a daily tuition rate for each day enrolled. The tuition charge is prorated over the number of class days in the term. A request for a medical resignation must be initiated by the student through Schiffert Health Center or Cook Counseling Center.

Students called into active military duty are encouraged to communicate with their advisors, instructors, and undergraduate or graduate deans to arrange "incompletes" or rescheduling of remaining work if their orders are received near the end of a term. However, if students request a withdrawal from the university, permission is granted without punitive action as well as granting a full refund of tuition and fees. This full refund is requested regardless of the date of the action of withdrawal. Procedurally, students (or their parents or guardians) are requested to provide copies of activation orders. If orders are unobtainable (in some emergency call-ups, this is possible), the University Registrar will telephone the company commander for verbal confirmation. Further, the University Registrar will serve as facilitator of this process for any advisor, instructor, or dean seeking verification of the students' military status. Students with Federal Financial Aid should be advised that full refund of tuition will result in an immediate requirement to commence repayment of aid. Students with federal financial aid are to be given the option of full or partial refund. Students are to work with their advisors and deans in requesting reinstatement to the university.

Students holding a residence hall contract who leave the university during the first week of class will forfeit $100 of their residence hall fee. Thereafter, the semester room charge, less $100, will be apportioned over the first six weeks of the semester. A student who withdraws after the Friday of the sixth week of the semester will be charged the full room and board rate. Any eligible refund accrual is based on the room check-out date.

Students who purchase a declining balance dining plan (Flex-style plan) will be charged a forfeiture fee of $100 during the first week for a major dining plan and $35 during the first week for a Minor Flex or Commuter Cash dining plan and will be refunded any unused dollars in the declining balance account. Beginning in week two and throughout the remainder of the semester, students will forfeit the base cost and will be refunded any unused dollars in the declining balance account. Refunds are calculated from the date that your resignation is processed by the university or the last day of dining plan use, whichever is later. No refund will be granted for a resignation backdated for a previous semester.

Students with a balance in a Dining Dollars or Flex Additions account will receive a refund less a processing fee assessed by Hokie Passport Services.

Refunds will be applied to the student's account by the office of the University Bursar.

Questions concerning adjustments to room charges should be directed to Housing Services at (540) 231-6205. Questions concerning adjustments to dining plan charges should be directed to Hokie Passport Services at (540) 231- 5121.

Depending on your course load and the date you drop a course, you may or may not be entitled to a refund.

If you have financial aid, please contact your financial aid counselor before resigning, withdrawing or reducing your course load.