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Employee Tuition Benefit

Policy 4800 allows salaried employees who have been with the university for at least 90 days to apply for Employee Tuition Benefits.

Standard Employee Tuition benefits allow salaried full-time employees to request a waiver of up to 12 credit hours per academic year (fall through summer), not to exceed six hours in a fall, spring, or summer term.

Exception may be made for approved cohort-based accelerated programs (e.g. OMBA, EMBA, XMNR, BXBR, DAAS) as outlined in Section 3.5 of Policy 4800.

These accelerated programs involve up to 24 credit hours per year with a program schedule specifically designed to accommodate full-time employment, and the cohort requirement does not allow part-time participation.  By utilizing future educational benefits for the hours in excess of 12 credits per year, the employee will have a period of time after completion of the program in which the tuition benefit would not be available. If an employee separates from VT employment during the period in which future hours were applied (12 credit hours per academic year) the employee must repay that prorated portion of the tuition at the time of separation.

Additional information regarding these benefits can be found on the HR Webpage here