To qualify for a waiver of the comprehensive fees (student activity, student cultural activities, health, athletic, transportation services, recreational, and student services fees), students must be stationed a minimum of 50 miles away from Blacksburg, and must not be required to attend any of Virginia Tech's satellite campuses and facilities during the term. When it has been established by the department head that the student will not be on any of Virginia Tech's campuses or facilities at any time during the semester, a waiver form may be submitted to the Bursar's Office to have the fees waived.

Request for Waiver of Comprehensive Fees (.DOCX)

  1. The department must verify student enrollment each semester before submitting to the Bursar's Office.
  2. Forms must be completed each semester (if eligible) and sent to the Bursar's Office by the last day to resign.
  3. The student will not be eligible to request any of the optional comprehensive fees (Athletic, Health and Recreational Sports).
  4. The form MUST be verified and signed by the Department Head.
  5. It is each department's responsibility to keep documentation as to why the request was made and approved. A report will be sent to the Department Head after the last day to add classes to verify student is still eligible for the waiver.
  6. This form is for departmental use only.
  7. Note: Graduate students that are enrolled in only 1 credit hour during the fall and spring terms in order to meet continuous enrollment, must complete the “In Absentia Status Request” form that can be found on the Graduate school website. Summer Session enrollees would need to have the Comprehensive Fee Waiver form completed. Please do NOT file both forms.