It is the mission of the Office of the University Bursar to safeguard the University's assets, for which we are responsible, while providing friendly and courteous service to our customers. It is necessary that all applicable policies and procedures are followed. The policies and procedures to be followed may be departmental, University, State, Federal or a combination of the four and we must have an understanding of which would take precedence in any given situation.

The specific responsibilities of this department include: providing timely and accurate billings to students and general users of the university's services and ensuring that payments and credits are received and properly applied to each customer's account in a timely manner, receipt and timely application of all other cash payments made to the university, disbursement of payroll, all university payables, Perkin's loan fund repayment, collection of delinquent accounts and notes receivable, and administration of the Budget Tuition Program.

It is our intent to provide service to our customers in a professional and friendly manner. In order to provide the best service possible to our customers we continue to look for ways in which to increase performance and improve quality.