Housing Rates for Fall and Spring Semesters, 2016 - 2017

Room Rates Per Semester

Residential Telecommunications Fee: $197.00 per semester

Residence Total per Semester
Upper Quad (Thomas, Monteith, Brodie, Rasche) 2,196.00
Pearson Hall (Upper Quad) 3,205.00
Lower/Prairie Quad (Eggleston, East Campbell, Vawter, Barringer, *Pritchard, O'Shaugnessy, Slusher, Miles) 2,341.00
*Lee Hall inVenTs Living & Learning 2,341.00
Cochrane 2,914.00
Payne Park (*Payne, Harper, New Residence East, Peddrew-Yates):
Traditional-Double 2,576.00
Traditional-Single 3,521.00
Suite-Double 3,104.00
Suite-Single 4,282.00
Large Suite-Double 3,179.00
Special Purpose Housing 2,922.00
*Residential Colleges at Ambler Johnston:
Traditional-Double 2,996.00
Private Bath-Double 3,437.00
Efficiency-Double 3,481.00
Main Campbell and Newman:
Double 2,639.00
Single 3,585.00
Hillcrest (Honors Program):
Double 2,837.00
Single 3,858.00
Graduate Life Center at Donaldson Brown:
Double 3,252.00
Single 4,431.00
New Hall West:
Double 3,252.00
Single 4,431.00
Oak Lane IV 3,488.00

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