Virginia Tech Calculation of Surcharge for Excess Credit Hours (125% rule)
Excess Credit Hour Tuition Surcharge Per Credit Hour, Up to 12 Credit Hours per Term (5 Hours Summer) $261 (Estimated)
Guidance: Financial Aid Surcharge Factsheet

Housing Rates for Fall and Spring, 2012 - 2013

Room Rates Per Semester

Residence Total per Semester
Upper Quad (Thomas, Monteith, Brodie, Rasche) 2,095.00
Lower/Prairie Quad (Eggleston, East Campbell, Vawter, Barringer, Lee, Pritchard, O'Shaugnessy, Slusher, Miles) 2,224.00
Cochrane 2,734.00
Payne Park (Harper, New Residence East, Peddrew-Yates):
Traditional-Double 2,434.00
Traditional-Single 3,275.00
Suite-Double 2,904.00
Suite-Single 3,952.00
Large Suite-Double 2,971.00
Special Purpose Housing 2,742.00
East Ambler Johnston Residential College
Traditional-Double 2,855.00
Private Bath-Double 3,246.00
Efficiency-Double 3,285.00
Main Campbell
Double 2,490.00
Single 3,333.00
Hillcrest (Honors Program)
Double 2,666.00
Single 3,576.00
Donaldson Brown Graduate Center
Double 3,036.00
Single 4,086.00
New Hall West
Double 3,036.00
Single 4,086.00
Oak Lane IV 3,246.00

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