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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have a hold on my account?

Holds are placed for any charge that has become past due.  Bills are generated for new charges or new account activity at least monthly, and are due by the statement posted due date. 

If not paid, a registration hold is automatically placed which prevents students from accessing the drop add system or viewing their schedule. 
The best way to determine why you have a hold is to view your last statement on the electronic billing and payment system accessed through Hokie SPA.

If you have not made payment or arranged for financial aid before the due date of this bill, this is why you have a hold.  You can then make a payment on-line using the electronic billing and payment system. Typically, the hold will be removed shortly after payment is electronically received. If physical payment is received at the Cashier's window, you should ask the customer service representative to remove your hold at that time.

If you do not ask us to remove the hold at the time payment is made, it will be automatically removed overnight once payment is posted to your account. 

How do I set up an Authorized Payer in the e-billing system?

Within the Student Account Information link on the Hokie SPA, click on View and Pay e-Bill.  The site you are taken to is our electronic billing and payment system. 

Click on Authorize Payers in the left navigation bar.  Click on Add New, and simply specify a login name, password, and the e-mail address for your parent or other payer. 

They will receive an e-mail almost immediately containing their login and name and a link for them to access the system. 

All you need to do is tell them what the initial, temporary password is!

Why doesn't my e-bill show all my Financial Aid, or the payment that I just made?

Your e-bill is processed at a point in time. The Bursar's Office bills at least monthly for any balance due or for any new account activity. If you make a payment, incur new charges, or if your financial aid changes after the monthly billing process, these changes can be viewed under Account Status. The Account Status within the quikPAYTM system displays the same type of information as that within the Account Summary link on the Hokie SPA.