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Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I expect to receive a bill?

All statements are generated electronically for currently enrolled students and are stored on our e-billing and payment system. No paper bill is sent. The Bursar's Office generates billing statements at least monthly for new account activity with full payment due by the statement posted due date. Charges are assessed upon enrollment for courses through the Hokie SPA.

An email is sent to the VT email address (the address) notifying customers and their authorized payers that a bill has been generated and is ready for viewing. Within the e-billing system, users can view their current account statement and statement history, as well as view and print a pdf version of these statements.

An electronic payment can be made by e-check or credit card or payment by paper check can be mailed along with the bottom portion of the pdf version of the statement. More important information about our e-billing and payment system can be found on our Viewing and Paying Bills Online page .

Where should I send authorization forms from my sponsoring agency?

You should submit authorization forms and sponsor award letters from governmental agencies, sponsors and/or employers directly to,

Office of the University Bursar (MC0143)
Student Services Building, Suite 150, Virginia Tech
800 Washington Street SW
Blacksburg, VA, 24061
Read more about Third Party Sponsors.

Who should I contact if I have a question concerning in-state or out-of-state tuition?

You should contact the Graduate School at or call 540-231-8636.

What process do I follow if I pay in-state tuition based on a special arrangement contract between my employer and Virginia Tech?

Your employer should send a list of students each term who are enrolled in courses and who are eligible for in-state tuition based on the special arrangement contract between the employer and Emily Ross in the University Registrar's office.

Emily Ross
Office of the University Registrar (MC0134)
Student Services Building, Suite 250, Virginia Tech
800 Washington Street SW
Blacksburg, VA, 24061
The Registrar will verify eligibility and make the appropriate entry on the student's record, which will result in the assessment of in-state tuition on the student's account. The student should submit the voucher for payment of tuition to the extended campus registrar or mail the voucher to,
Office of the University Bursar (MC0143)
Student Services Building, Suite 150, Virginia Tech
800 Washington Street SW
Blacksburg, VA, 24061.
A memo credit will then be entered on the student's account and the sponsor will be billed for the tuition charges.

I should be eligible for reduced tuition because I am employed full-time by a Virginia School system. How do I apply?

Request for reduced tuition should be submitted to the Graduate School. The form to be completed and returned can be obtained at their website.

Is there a payment plan?

  • Yes. Virginia Tech's Budget Tuition Plans offer a convenient method for planning and budgeting educational cost. This plans provide the opportunity for students, or parents, to divide their current university cost (tuition, fees, room, & board) into monthly installments by using direct debits to their checking or savings account instead of paying one lump sum by the tuition payment deadline.

    The only cost for this service is a non-refundable $35 application fee that must be submitted with the online application per semester. This plan is not offered for participation during winter or summer sessions. Find out more about the BTP here.

  • Graduate students on an assistantship contract may pay their comprehensive and commonwealth facilities and equipment fees through the Graduate Comprehensive Fee Payment Plan. The plan is available during the fall and spring semesters at no cost to students, with a new application required each semester. Enrollment in the plan is possible after an eligible student has registered for classes and had their tuition remission entered in the Banner system by their hiring department. The projected debit amount and remaining debit dates will be displayed during the enrollment process. Debit dates correlate with university payroll dates. More here.
  • NOTE: If you receive an error attempting to enroll in the Graduate Comprehensive Fee Payment Plan, please contact your department or college to enure your assistantship contract has been activated.