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Payroll and Reimbursement Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit of Pay

Direct deposit of pay is mandatory for all wage and salary employees hired (or rehired) after August 1, 2008 (limited exceptions apply). All employees of the University are strongly encouraged to have their pay directly deposited to a bank. Direct deposit allows you to receive payments in a safe, secure and efficient manner by having your funds deposited directly to the bank account of your choice. There is no need to stand in line to pick up a check, or wait for a check to arrive in the mail.

Employees can enroll in Direct Deposit online under the Hokie Team menu of the Hokie SPA. This new service allows quick and easy enrollment and maintenance of your banking information for direct deposit. Your information will be processed overnight and you will be sent an email to your email address confirming your enrollment or change. This service also allows you to enroll in direct deposit for travel and supply reimbursements.

You may still enroll in or make changes to direct deposit via our paper Direct Deposit Authorization Form (PDF). Enrollment for or changes to travel and supply reimbursement direct deposit can also be made with this form

If you have questions concerning direct deposit of pay, please contact Rosa Lucas in the Bursar's Office at 540-231-6277. Questions concerning your pay or deductions should be directed to the Department of Human Resources at 540-231-9331.

Important Notice about International ACH/Direct Deposit Transactions

New banking regulations effective September 18, 2009 require Virginia Tech to obtain additional information for funds that are electronically deposited via Automated Clearing House (ACH) in a U.S. bank and then forwarded in entirety by "standing order" to a non-U.S. bank. Until this additional information can be obtained, payments of this nature must be paid by paper check or will be rejected by the ACH network. This includes ACH payments processed by Virginia Tech for vendor invoices, payees on disbursement vouchers, student refunds, payroll direct deposit, and travel reimbursements.

If you currently forward, or in the future plan to forward, ACH payments to a non-U.S. bank; you should immediately inactivate or change your direct deposit information currently on file with Virginia Tech. You need not take any action if you do not and will not forward ACH payments to a non-U.S. bank.

STUDENTS receiving REFUNDS, FACULTY/STAFF receiving TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENTS, and FACULTY/STAFF receiving PAYROLL DIRECT DEPOSIT can inactivate direct deposit through the Hokie SPA/MyVT enrollment process.

Failure to take action will result in your bank rejecting your international deposit and returning the funds to Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech is not responsible for international ACH transactions that are rejected and/or delayed due to missing information. Virginia Tech is also not responsible for any bank fees or overdraft fees that are a result of a failure to take action.

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