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Virginia Tech, in partnership with e-commerce service provider Nelnet Business Solutions, offers an electronic bill and payment system called QuikPAY™. The QuikPAY™ system is used by many universities to manage their on-line billing services. It provides financial account management 24 hours a day 7 days a week and was developed under the highest Internet security standards.

QuikPAY™ allows university students, faculty, and staff to view their financial statements and current account status, make an online payment, access previous statement or payment history, register an authorized payer and manage their notification and payment profiles.

QuikPAY™ offers no service fee for eCheck payments and accepts American Express, MasterCard, Discover and VISA. A 2.75% credit card service fee is charged by Nelnet Business Solutions. Note that paper check payments are accepted and may be mailed using the QuikPAY™ printable statement option.

QuikPAY™ statements are generated at least monthly and not updated once produced. Any activity that occurs after, should be viewed under the 'Account Status' queue in QuikPAY™. The Monthly e-Bill payment deadline is the statement posted due date.

An e-Bill statement notification of financial activity is sent at least monthly to the Virginia Tech email address of record ( Authorized payers, once registered, will receive notification to the email address provided by their student or faculty/staff. e-Bill notifications will include instructions on how to view and pay the e-Bill.

Students, faculty and staff may access the QuikPAY™ system's 'View and Pay e-Bill ' option through the Student's Hokie SPA under the 'University Account Information' menu.

Registered Parents and Authorized Payers may access their QuikPAY™ here.

View Other Payment Options here.

Please direct your questions and comments to the University Bursar's Office. Email, or phone, 540-231-6277.

Frequently Asked Questions

Account access

Where do I go to log-in to the on-line system?

If you are a student, faculty or staff, you may access the on-line system from the Hokie SPA or from My VT. The link "View and Pay e-bill" is found when clicking on either "University Account Information" on the main page or on "Student Account Information" on the student information page. The "View and Pay e-bill" link will take you to the on-line system. Everything you need to do to manage your account on-line, from viewing your bill, to paying electronically, to setting up authorized payers can be done from the "View and Pay e-bill" link.

If you are an authorized payer, you may login to the on-line system by visiting Authorized Payers Link on the Bursar home page.

IMPORTANT! If the student wishes to have someone else (parent, guardian, or others) pay on their behalf, the student must establish an authorized payer to allow access to view and pay the student's account. The authorized payer will receive an e-mail when the student completes the enrollment process designating them as an authorized payer.

Is the system secure?

Our business partner, Nelnet Business Solutions is an officially recognized and annually audited PCIDSS Level 1 Compliant Service Provider.

Authorized payers

How do I set up my parents or others to allow them to pay my bill for me?

Select "Authorize Payer" on the Message Board navigation bar and follow the instructions to create a user name and password for your authorized payer. You must know the e-mail address of the person you wish to authorize. The authorized payer in turn will receive an e-mail immediately with instructions on how to log in to the system using the user name and password.

The login name you set up for your authorized payer is upper-case/lower-case sensitive. Since the password is not contained within the e-mail they receive (for security reasons), you will need to tell them the password.

Parents or other payers authorized by the student will also be sent an e-mail notification when a statement is available, and can view the statement on-line prior to paying. The statement is displayed to authorized payers just as it is displayed to the student. The authorized payer can view all new charge activity in detail.

The student may revoke the access of an authorized payer at any time.

How many authorized payers can I set up? How long before they can pay?

Students can have up to 5 authorized payers active at any one time. For each authorized payer, a primary e-mail address is required and an alternate address may be specified. The payer is notified immediately by e-mail that they have been authorized and can then access the system to view the statement on the account and make payment.

How do authorized payers access the on-line system?

Authorized payers receive the same e-mail notification as the student when a bill is available to be viewed on-line. At this time, or at any other time, the authorized payer may link to the system from the VT University Bursar homepage and make a payment on the student's behalf.

My authorized payer has forgotten/does not know their password. What can I do?

When authorized payers are first set up, the student specifies a login ID and initial password and must inform the authorized payer of the initial credentials. Later, if an authorized payer forgets either the login ID or password, assistance in obtaining the login ID or in resetting the password is available on the Authorized Payer login screen.

Password resets are emailed almost immediately to the authorized payer's established email address. Note that if stored payment profiles have been set up by the authorized payer, one of the stored account numbers must be specified before the system will reset the password.

Note: When first logging in with a reset password, the authorized payer is required to immediately change this temporary password, since it has traveled over unsecure email. The "old password" that is prompted on the change password screen is the temporary password just received over email.

E-mail Notification

The e-bill notification tells me not to click on the links that you have provided. Why?

Clicking on links within any email is bad practice. Virginia Tech provides the url for your convenience, but discourages directly clicking within any email to help combat "phishing attacks". Phishing is when criminals create realistic-looking copies of legitimate websites and then send out emails containing links that invite users to log in to the bogus site. The link in the email could look harmless and legitimate, but will actually take you to a site that has a completely different web address, with the sole purpose of collecting your personal information.

If you copy and paste the links provided in any email directly into your web browser's address bar, you get an opportunity to read the URL and check it for any "spoofed" or suspicious content before proceeding to the website.

How do I set up alternate (non-VT) email addresses for notifications?

We are sensitive to the needs of students to have e-mail sent to another e-mail address to ensure timely receipt and acknowledgement. The on-line system allows you to set up an additional e-mail address in the User Preferences template. Addresses and alternate addresses for authorized payers are maintained separately within the system.

Please remember that your VT e-mail address is the e-mail used for all university communications. This e-mail address is your primary address for the on-line system and cannot be edited.

Should your alternate, or secondary address change, don't forget to log into the on-line system and update it there as well!

I didn't get my electronic bill or my payment acknowledgement. Why?

Statements are made available on-line and students are notified by e-mail at least monthly for any new account activity or for previously unpaid balances. Payment acknowledgements are e-mailed immediately following an on-line payment made by you or by an authorized payer. If you did not receive an electronic bill notification, it may be because you simply don't owe anything. You may verify this by looking at your account summary on the Hokie SPA.

If you feel you should have an e-bill but do not, or if you did not receive a payment acknowledgement e-mail but know one of your parents, or other authorized payer has made a payment, please contact the Office of the University Bursar at

A by-product of mass e-mail is the filtering of these messages by automatic spam detection and filtering settings supported by e-mail clients. While we have taken all possible precautions to ensure that our e-bill notifications and payment notifications are not picked up as spam, you may need to review your e-mail software's spam or "junk" mail filter settings just in case.


How is the e-bill different from a paper bill?

The statements displayed within quikPAY™ the same format as our paper statements, which we no longer mail to students, faculty and staff. The most recent statement is available, in addition to several months of statement history. Current account status information, which includes transactions made since the most recent statement is also available.

There are two different presentations of the bill appearing within QuikPAY™ -- one appears under the View Accounts menu and is called Current Statement. The other is a printable version that can be accessed and viewed within Adobe reader. This latter or "pdf" version is accessed from the Printable Statemen link that appears within the Current Statement.

You may at any time print the e-bill (a laser quality printer is recommended) and return the bottom portion of the statement along with a paper check to the address listed on the statement. The same due date applies regardless whether you choose to pay by paper check, e-check or credit card, so please allow sufficient mailing time if a paper check is being sent to us.

Scholarship checks should be sent directly to our office.

Office of the University Bursar (MC0143)
Student Services Building, Suite 150, Virginia Tech
800 Washington Street SW
Blacksburg, VA 24061

My e-bill balance doesn't match my Hokie SPA Account Summary. Why?

Your e-bill is processed at a point in time. The Bursar's Office bills at least monthly, for any balance due or for any new account activity. If you make a payment, incur new charges, or if your financial aid changes after the monthly billing process, these changes can be viewed under Account Status. The Account Status within the quikPAY™ system displays the same type of information as that within the Account Summary link on the Hokie SPA.

How do I print my e-bill and pay by paper check?

A "printable" [PDF] version of the statement is available from within the View Accounts template. Payments by paper check can be mailed along with the bottom portion of the statement (called the remittance advice) to the address listed (Office of the University Bursar, Student Services Building, Virginia Tech,suite 150, 800 Washington Street SW, Blacksburg VA 24061). Please be sure to use a laser quality printer and separate the remittance advice carefully. Failure to include the remittance advice or poor printer quality will cause delays in processing your payment.

Have you considered paying by e-check? An e-check is a direct debit to your checking or savings account. There is no cost to pay by e-check and the payment will be credited to your account at the close of the business day. More information on the e-check payment method is found under What are e-checks?

Another payment option is by credit card. The on-line service provider accepts MasterCard and American Express. A 2.75% service charge is charged by our service provider for this payment option. Credit card information is verified at the time of the transaction.

I cannot view the pdf version of my bill - what do I do?

Try switching to an alternate browser, if you can. Generally, your configuration settings for Adobe (pdf) documents vis-a-vis Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape is what is causing the problem, and a different browser will open the document where another cannot.

Or, you can change a setting within your Adobe reader itself. Open Adobe reader (this is for version 7.0), choose 'Edit', 'Preferences', then select the 'Internet' category on the left. Either select or de-select the 'Display PDF in browser' option. If de-selected, pdfs will open the Adobe reader application and display, if selected, the pdfs will open within your browser. Depending on how your browser is configured to open pdf documents, simply changing from one method to the other will fix the problem.


What is the international payment option, Flywire by peerTransfer?

Virginia Tech has partnered with Flywire by peerTransfer to streamline the tuition payment process for our international students. If you need to make an international student payment, please visit Flywire by peerTransfer.

Flywire by peerTransfer offers:
  • payment from any country and any bank.
  • excellent foreign exchange rates.
  • payment in home currency (in most cases).
  • payment tracking with email receipt confirmation.
If I prefer to mail my payment, what address should I use?
Please send payments by standard mail or overnight parcels to our office address with the bottom portion of your statement (remittance advice). Payments received without remittance advice may have a disbursement delay. Please be aware Virginia Tech is not responsible for lost or overdue mail.
Office of the University Bursar (MC0143)
Student Services Building, Suite 150, Virginia Tech
800 Washington Street SW
Blacksburg, VA 24061
My eCheck payment was returned "No Account/Cannot Locate", or "Non-Transaction Account". What does this mean?
  • "No Account/Cannot Locate" usually means the account number structure is valid and will pass the editing tests, but the financial institution cannot match it to the individual, or it is not an open account. In this instance the payer should contact their financial institution for the correct information to use in an ACH debit transaction.
  • "Non-Transaction Account" means the account the payer is attempting to use is restricted from ACH debit transactions. The payer should submit a different account to use for eCheck payments, or mail in a paper check for payment.
How do I set up/use the Payment Profile Information?
When making an e-check payment or a credit card payment, you may save your information (account, billing address, and contact information) under a profile name. This is optional. To use this information for a later payment, you can select on your profile name under the list of payment methods with the "Enter Payment Amount" box.
What are e-checks?
An e-check is an electronic direct debit to your checking or savings account. Any checking or savings account can be used, provided it allows a direct draft, and is drawn against an account with a US bank. We can only accept payments in US dollars. When making an e-check payment, you must provide your routing number and checking or savings account number. Please verify this information with your financial institution.

You have the option to have the system retain your bank account information or you may enter it each time you make a payment by e-check. Payers can only see their own bank account information. Authorized payers cannot see the student's banking information and students cannot see that of the authorized payers

There is no service charge for using an e-check to pay your bill. After you or your authorized payer makes an e-check payment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation, and a payment will post to the student's account at the close of the business day. Subsequent verification of bank account number and funds availability through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system will take place and the debit to your bank account will occur no later than 24 hours after the payment transaction is completed on-line. Therefore, to avoid overdrafts, it is strongly recommended that there are sufficient funds available at the time of payment.

Equity line accounts and investment accounts cannot be used for ACH debit transactions. Please verify account information with your financial institution if you are uncertain.

What credit cards are accepted?
The QuikPAY™ service provider (Nelnet Business Solutions/Moneris) accepts MasterCard. American Express, Discover, and VISA for payment of tuition, fees and other charges. A 2.75% service charge will be charged by the service provider to the payer for all credit card payments. Credit card information is verified at the time of the transaction.
When I pay by credit card, why do I see the "Nelnet Business Services" logo?
Virginia Tech has contracted with a service provider, Nelnet Business Solutions, to process credit card payments for Tuition, Fees and other charges. Credit card payments are processed by Nelnet Business Services through Moneris Solutions.
Is there a service charge for paying by credit card?
Our service provider charges a 2.75% service charge for all credit card payments. The payer will receive separate payment receipts via e-mail for the tuition payment and service charge if the credit card payment option is selected. The service fee is not paid to the university and is not refundable.
There is no service charge for paying by e-check.
What if I want to pay my most up-to-date account balance?

When accessing your account to view your e-bill, this bill will be as of a particular billing date and will be due by the due date shown. When making payment, your most up-to-date account balance is indicated, and the payment amount has defaulted to this balance. You may pay this current balance, or you may edit this amount to that of the billed balance.

Can make a payment at the Bursar's Office?
Yes, payments by cash, check, or money order are accepted at the Bursar's Office Customer Service windows from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday in the Student Services Building. If you wish to pay by e-check or credit card, you can do this from your own computer or from one of the public computers such as those in Newman Library.

We have implemented the new electronic system to improve customer service by providing an easy, convenient method for customers to pay on-line without having to stand in line.

Can I pay by credit card or e-check at the Bursar's Office?
Only the Nelnet Business Services QuikPAY™ system, which is our credit card service provider, can accept a credit card payment, and only students/customers and authorized payers can access QuikPAY. The Bursar's Office cannot accept either credit card payments or e-check payments on your behalf either in person or by telephone. While our customer service representatives can view your statement information within QuikPAY and monitor payment activity, for your security, credit card or bank account information is not available to our staff.
Can I pay by international or domestic wire transfer?
Yes, please contact our office for futher details.

NOTE: Virginia Tech has partnered with Flywire by peerTransfer to streamline the tuition payment process for our international students .
What other payment options are available for international students?
Virginia Tech has partnered with Flywire by peerTransfer to streamline the tuition payment process for our international students.

Flywire by peerTransfer allows you to pay from any country and any bank. They also offer excellent foreign exchange rates, allowing you to pay in your home currency (in most cases) and save a significant amount of money, compared to traditional banks. You will be able to track the progress of your payment throughout the transfer process via a student dashboard and you will also be notified via email when your payment is received by Virginia Tech.

If you need to make an international student payment, please visit Flywire by peerTransfer.

What if I overpay my student account?
All overpayments by e-check are refunded to the student, even if it was an authorized payer who made the payment. The refund will be processed by direct deposit, if we have a direct deposit enrollment form on file for the student. If the student has not enrolled for direct deposit, a check will be mailed to the student's permanent address listed on the Hokie SPA at the time the refund is processed.

Overpayments by credit card are refunded back to the payer's credit card which initiated them. The payer or authorized payer will see a credit on their credit card statement.

If a customer's account has a credit and any payment for the term has been made by credit card, the credit will be applied back to the payer's credit card account.