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Budget Tuition Plan (BTP)

Virginia Tech is pleased to offer the Budget Tuition Plan (BTP), a convenient method of planning and budgeting tuition, fees, room, board, lab, course and software charges. The BTP can cover all or part of the fall/spring semester institutional charges.

By using direct debits to your checking account, the BTP allows you to divide your cost into 4 monthly installments instead of paying one lump sum by the tuition payment deadline date.

As a result of evolving tuition and fee models causing a cost variation each semester, participants will need to enroll in the plan each semester.

The Budget Tuition Plan is not available for summer or winter sessions.

    Fall Semester 2015 enrollment opens July 15th.

    Conditions and Requirements

    • Students, 18 years of age or older, may apply online each academic semester through their Hokie SPA, or if under 18 years of age, their BTP authorized payer may submit a paper application.

    • Prior Participation - A new application and fee must be submitted each semester. Participation in the BTP does not carry over from semester to semester during the academic year.

    • Debit Amounts - The total amount budgeted is payable in 4 installments per semester to be withdrawn on the third Friday of each month. Fall debits will begin in August and end in November; Spring debits will begin in January and end in April.

    • A complete BTP application and fee must be received by each semester's payment deadline date to avoid a late payment fee and account Hold. In addition, if the account balance is not covered by the BTP, or other means, the student's enrollment may be cancelled for non-payment. A reinstatement fee of $75 as well as a late payment fee may be assessed to the student account to reinstate their enrollment.

    • The BTP application fee is non-refundable. If, for any reason, the non-refundable fee is returned unpaid, the plan will immediately be cancelled with tuition and fees due by the payment deadline date. A $50 returned check fee will also be assessed to the student's account

    • A checking account is the only acceptable depository account that can apply to the Budget Tuition Plan.

    • The plan may be combined with financial aid, VA benefits, loans, grants, or scholarships.

    • Past due charges from previous semesters and other miscellaneous charges may not be included in the amount budgeted.

    • Do not assume the student's account is paid in full because of participation in the BTP. If the BTP amount is less than the total due, the student or account holder should adjust the debits or pay the amount due separately by the tuition payment deadline.

    • Cancellations and Debit Adjustments- All payer adjustment or cancellation requests must be in writing (email and fax acceptable) from the student or BTP authorized payer and received by our office no later than 5 business days prior to each effective debit date. If no specific adjustment specified, the debit change may not occur or reflect most current account status and affect all remaining semester debits. Virginia Tech will not make increases to scheduled debits without proper written authorization. Scheduled debits may be reduced or canceled to avoid overpayment of amounts due to the University.
      If you need to cancel or make changes you may use the Budget Tuition Adjustment Form [PDF] or email your request along with your name and student identification number to The Budget Tuition Change form may be sent via fax 540/231-3238, or delivered to the University Bursar's office. Virginia Tech will not be responsible for fax, email, or mailed items not received.

    • Change in Student Status - The BTP office is not notified of changes in student status. If the student has a change in residency status (in-state vs. out-of-state), resigns or withdraws from the university, reduces course load, co-ops, or is academically suspended, the student or account holder must notify the Bursar's Office in writing 5 business days prior to the next debit date to adjust or cancel the BTP. Failure to do so may result in unnecessary debits being withdrawn from the authorized bank account. Please refer to our Refund Policy web-page.

    • Returned Items - Virginia Tech will not re-submit returned debits. If a debit is returned unpaid by the financial instition, a $50 returned debit fee will be assessed to the student's account. A late payment fee and Account Hold may also apply. Two returned items during an academic year may result in a cancellation of the plan. Multiple returned items may prevent future participation. If, for any reason, the initial application fee and down payment is returned unpaid, it will count as one return item. In the event of default or a charge-back from the bank for insufficient funds, the student will be responsible for the penalty fee and interest at the highest rate allowed by law for all reasonable administrative costs, collections costs, and attorney's fees incurred in the collection of whatever funds are due. All returned debits should be paid by guaranteed funds (e.g.,cash, cashier's check, money order).

    • Refunds - No Refund due to overpayment will occur while scheduled semester debits remain. If a refund is due, the student should contact the Office of the University Bursar in writing to reduce or cancel the BTP. Enrollment in direct deposit through Hokie SPA is recommended for all students receiving refunds. Students will be notified by email when a refund has been processed. All refunds are payable to the student. Please refer to our Refund Policy web-page.

    • Virginia Tech does not discriminate against employees, students, or applicants on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran status, national origin, religion, or political affiliation.

    • In the event Virginia Tech must utilize collection methods against the student, the student is responsible for all collection cost and the statutory post-judgment interest.

    • Information may be released pursuant to lawful process. To comply with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), Virginia Tech will not release information to anyone without proper student authorization. The student may grant access to information for parents, or others, by completing the FERPA Disclosure form in Hokie SPA.

    • All questions concerning the BTP should be directed to the Bursar's office.

      The University Bursar's Office is located in Suite 150 of the Student Services Building.

      Office of the University Bursar (MC0143)
      Student Services Building, Suite 150, Virginia Tech
      800 Washington Street SW
      Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

      Phone: 540/231-6277
      Fax: 540/231-3238

      Budget Tuition Help Email:

      When contacting us by email or phone, please be certain to include or have available the student account number and assigned FERPA Pass-Code. If you are a parent or other third party and do not have a FERPA pass-code, please contact the student.

    • Our business hours excluding Federal, State, and University authorized closures are,

      • Walk-in: 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.
      • Phone: 8am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday.
    • Frequently asked questions about the Budget Tuition Plan.

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