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Forgot your login name and password?

If you do not know or have forgotten your login name or password, take the following steps. If you are a brand new authorized payer, your student has set up the login name and temporary password for you, so simply contact the student for this information. However, if it has been awhile since you were first authorized, the quikPAY system can also help retrieve your login name and reset your password for you. If you do not remember your Login Name, go to the Authorized Payer System login and click on Forgot Login Name. The system will prompt you for the email address that was specified in the initial set up and email you the login name. If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot Password. The system will send a temporary password to the email address associated with your Login Name. Before sending a new password, the system will check to see if you have set up any stored payment profiles and if so, request confirmation of the stored banking or credit card information. At any time, your student can also log in to e-billing and payment system through the Hokie SPA or MyVT and look up the login name set up for you and reset the password.

Not an authorized payer? Here's how to become an authorized payer for a student's account:

Only the university account holder - for example the student, may establish parents or others as authorized payers.

The student must login to the e-billing and payment system through the Hokie SPA or MyVT. The student then clicks on Authorize Payers in the left navigation bar. Under the Authorized Payer setup, the student will click on Add New, and simply specify a login name, password and the email address for their parent or other payer.

The Authorized Payer will receive an email almost immediately containing their login and name and a link for them to access the system. They must contact the student to obtain the initial, temporary password!

See our student video tutorials on how-to add an Authorized Payer ►

How authorized payments work:

Authorized Payers and the account holder will receive an email notification each time a statement is generated, when the bill becomes available for viewing.

A student can establish up to 5 authorized payers on their account. The login names and passwords never expire, and authorized payers (or students) can change the email address for e-bill notifications should it ever need to be changed.

Once established as an Authorized Payer, you can view and print your student's e-bills and make electronic payments (e-check, MasterCard or American Express) on their behalf.

Every time an Authorized Payer makes a payment, the student is sent an email informing them of the payment made on their account.

The student can see that an authorized payer has made a payment on their behalf, but cannot see their authorized payer's saved payment profiles.

Much more information about our e-billing and payment system can be found on our Viewing and Paying Bills Online page.